As a man ages, their energy and strength tends to get lost in the long run, the muscle density decrease while the fat deposition increases on the other hand, their mental capacity reduces, the sexual drive drops gradually, they become more irritable, and sometimes others become depressed, and all these might result in the development of cancer, diabetes, and other diseases that just happen in old age. The most probable cause of all these effects is the reduction in the weight loss indianapolis of the hormone testosterone in men, and progesterone in women, and the decrease in the production of growth hormone.


Research is being done on a daily basis, and the recent findings on the hormone replacement have linked the testosterone therapy for men with the management of their weight. The hormone does not only serve the function of restoring the sexual dysfunction but also plays a critical role in the reduction of weight.


The link between the two is brought about by the hormone causing the low testosterone indianapolis therapy assisting men to gain more strength giving them a chance to do exercises more frequently as they become so keen on taking the right diet. Another thing is that the hormone testosterone helps in the development mass of the body that is lean that increases of energy thus the loss of weight.


Testosterone hormone is connected to the body fat in the sense that the two are controlled by the same genes. With the presence of low testosterone levels in a man's body, the percentage of the body fat that will be recorded will be high. Other discoveries reveal that when the testosterone level in the body is decreased, the level of cholesterol rises.


With the connections established form the research conducted by various scientist, it can be concluded that low testosterone levels in the body of a man not only results in low libido, and erectile problems, but also leads to obesity and cardiac-related complications, for instance, raised blood pressure, and the high cholesterol levels in the body. The cases where one is obese, the cholesterol levels are high, and their blood pressure is also high, this results in the reduction of the level of testosterone hormone in the body. Read to gain more details about weight loss.



Testosterone therapy is essential because it helps in the fixing of the complications and the outcome is weight reduction and a healthy man. Those struggling with obesity sexual dysfunction can now enjoy the advantages of the testosterone therapy that are already proven.